Dear Baby Boomers

Written by Nicholas Demski

A Message about CBD from Your Children: An informative note bridging the gap between what Baby Boomers and Millennials are certain of when it comes to cannabis and CBD.

In this age of anti-intellectualism and deep mistrust of news sources among the public, it’s important that Americans stick together and not let the media narrative divide us. This type of division is especially stark between generations.

You Baby Boomers, who grew up in the post-war American high, lived through the hippie movement and understand the appeal behind recreational cannabis use. Millennials are learning about cannabis in a new light, however.

While the Baby Boomers grew up with free love, non-violence, and embracing cannabis as a statement of counterculture to the American mainstream, Millennials are learning about cannabis as a medicine that is highly useful for spiritual, mental, and physical healing. Cannabis is not just a drug; it’s a giving and loving plant. This is clear from themedicinal generosity of CBD.

Us Millennials know you grew up under parents who were brainwashed into cannabis stigmatization. It trickled into your lives, and you broke the mold. We are breaking it again, thanks to you. As research around CBD builds, more people are subscribing to the idea that it is a helpful substance, not a harmful compound from an evil flower.

Figure 1. CBD is a compound for healing.

Since you Baby Boomers changed the dialogue, we have been able to come into a time where we can teach our children about Cannabis as a plant and a tool for healing, instead of something to be feared when going through the incredibly unhelpful D.A.R.E. program.

In fact, CBD has even been cleared for use by organizations like the World Health Organization and is a permitted substance in this year’s FIFA World Cup.

The Baby Boomer’s use of cannabis was deeply ingrained in a cultural shift that was occurring at the time. For our generation, we are seeing more than that. We are seeing action being taken legislatively, in the ballot boxes, and even at the federal level.

When the United States’ Food and Drug Administration sanctioned the use of Epidiolex last week, it was likely the first nail in the coffin for the current status of cannabis as a Schedule I drug.

So, Baby Boomers, thank you for shifting the culture. Now, let’s work together to continue the push to educate people about the many benefits of cannabis.

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