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Caleb Summeril
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This spring brings the first full growing season under the new regulations laid out by the 2018 Farm Bill allowing hemp to be grown, produced and sold on a widespread national level. It is an exciting development for the use and development of CBD products as well as a look into more widespread acceptance and understanding of cannabis across the country. With the CBD industry thriving, here is a look at the top CBD hemp strains around.

Strain Considerations

Seed selection is a critical decision when growing and can be the difference in a productive, stable crop and a field that falls flat. Reputable sources should be grown by a local farmer for several years to ensure viability and crop yield.

Another consideration is the cannabinoid profile of certain strains. Top notch CBD strains typically have a profile of at least 20-1 CBD to THC. To comply with the Farm Bill, the hemp must have a THC content of less than .3%.

Top CBD Hemp Strains

  • Berry BlossomThis CBD heavy variety is a favorite among many growers and for good reason. The structural integrity of Berry Blossom lends to super productive plants suitable for large scale production. It is a selectively bred cross between Cherry Kandahar S1 and Chardonnay. Excellent in a variety of climate conditions and holds up well in harsh wind and weather.
  • ElektraKnown to be one of the most potent CBD seed lines available, Elektra is a cross-bred improvement on the already legendary ACDC variety. ACDC paved the way for CBD production in the U.S. and this hybrid improves upon that renown with a stronger stalk, fuller flowers, and earlier blooms.
  • Charlotte’s Web – This strain gained popularity for its medical uses, being developed and perfected by the Stanley Brothers in Colorado. Charlotte’s web is very low in THC, making it a preferred strain for those looking to bypass any psychoactive affects.
  • Cherry Wine Possesses a very strong terpene profile with CBD content ranging from 15-22%, with total CBD varying due to harvest and climate conditions. This variety consistently produces large flower buds that are exceptionally dense.
  • Lifter Lifter is a reliable and tested strain that consistently delivers high yields of dense flowers, rich in CBD and other terpenes. Generally possessing CBD content around 15%, this strain grows thick and rich like a bush leading to some of the highest yields of any CBD heavy variety.

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