Mox Mind + Body Care

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Mox’s all-natural, sophisticated infusions introduce artistry to topical CBD.

True price: N/A
Product selection: Topical balms and facial cosmetics
Isolates or full spectrum: Both
Dosage range: N/A
Pet products: No

$34.00 from Mox Mind + Body Care

The Good
Unique topical products • Excellent bonus ingredients • Strong quality standards

The Bad
Missing CBD quantities • Very limited selection • Lab tests unpublished • Difficult site navigation

The Bottom Line
Mox Mind + Body Care offers an exclusive (albeit limited) selection of skincare solutions that combine CBD with powerful, proven ingredients.

Who they are: Mox is short for moxie, and moxie means spunk. The Colorado-based company specializes in pharma-grade skincare. So where’s the moxie? Start with the in-house pharmacist/skincare chemist who combines organic CBD with other actives like vitamins and essential oils. They call this “power coupling” because it creates chemistry (aka romance) between ingredients. That means explosive benefits.

Mox leaves out the parabens, fillers, and perfumes, but who needs those? Plus, no animal testing – yay! They manufacture their bodacious creations in a heavily audited FDA-registered facility. Although they claim to send the CBD through third-party labs, the reports are not available on the website.

Why they’re unique: Skincare power couples? Yes, please! Mox takes CBD on a date with the very best of natural skincare. While there are companies that combine CBD with skincare ingredients, Mox pushes it to the next level with purity and precision. This is craft skincare with a CBD twist.

What products they have:  Mox infused products are exceptional but super limited. They offer a facial cleanser with salicylic acid to exfoliate and peppermint oil to brighten. Their facial serum is loaded with vitamins and the natural lipid squalane to amplify CBD’s rejuvenating effects. Mox Skin Restore is a balm that promotes elasticity by bringing omega fatty acids to the party. Then there is the muscle roller. This nifty roller ball relieves aches and pains by lathering sore areas with CBD, eucalyptus, and wintergreen. That’s four options total, but there are loads of bonus ingredients.

Importantly, Mox does not state how much CBD each product contains. If you’re lucky enough to find the FAQ page, you’ll see that the Mox Muscle Roller contains 500 mg CBD. Great! The problem is that the Mox Muscle Roller comes in two very different sizes. And although they state that all products are full spectrum CBD, the muscle roller is made with isolate.

Bonus: Potential customers can easily contact the Mox crew using the “Talk to Us” tab in the site.

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