Coromega Max

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Coromega Max delivers precision-dosed CBD in pocket-sized pouches.

True price: $0.09/mg to $0.25/mg

Product selection: Squeeze shots and tinctures

Isolates or full spectrum: Full spectrum

Dosage range: 240 mg to 600 mg

Pet products: No

$31.99 from Coromega

        The Good

On-the-go squeeze shots • Published lab report • Established fan base

        The Bad

Limited CBD products and dose range • Site emphasizes omega-3 oil

The Bottom Line

For easy, on-the-go CBD, look no further than Coromega’s CBD squeeze shots.

Who they are: Coromega puts the ‘squeeze’ on liquid squeeze packs. The company’s flavored oil supplements fill shelves in little-known retailers GNC and Walmart. Women’s Health Magazine and brand officially support their omega-3. So yeah, Coromega is kind of a big deal. The San Diego-based company was founded in 1999 as a subsidiary of PlusPharma, Inc.. Recently, Coromega grew its Max brand to include full spectrum CBD.

The company touts 20 years of healthy oil experience, a GMP-certified manufacturing facility, and USA industrial hemp. Customers can download a certificate of analysis on the site. It reports cannabinoids, solvents, and toxic residuals. One thing: the lab transcript notes that several analysis procedures are not ISO-accredited.

Coromega holds a place in the regimens of many athletes and active persons, especially within CrossFit. The site features a ‘join the team’ option for athletes and gyms, but the opportunity is no longer available. Instead, we can ‘follow’ the team. The FAQ page currently only covers omega-3 oil, and there were some CBD details I couldn’t find (such as the extraction process).

Why they’re unique: Bottoms up, welcome to the shot club. Coromega makes a splash in the CBD space with its single-serving squeeze shots. The squeeze packs are an awesome solution for my dynamic, active lifestyle (ahem)… and they taste like chocolate. That’s a victory we can all celebrate.

What products they have: Coromega just entered the CBD arena. Currently, the Coromega Max line includes two CBD products: tinctures and squeeze shots.

Let’s warm up with the tinctures. The standard bottle contains 300 mg of CBD and comes in two flavors: mint or lemon. Upgrading to the 600 mg bottle pockets a smart discount. The tinctures come with coconut-based medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil—the site reports that MCTs improve bioavailability without leaving an “oily feeling in your mouth.” I’m onboard with that.

Now, for the main event. Distinguished guests, may we present: Coromega Max CBD Wellness Shots. Each packet supplies a solo serving of 10 mg full spectrum CBD alongside a thrilling escape into chocolate. Chocolate’s not your thing? Good news: they have lemon, too. Each tin comes with 24 packets. They fit into pockets, purses, and gym bags. Measurements not required, and messes not included.

There’s no such thing as a free CBD lunch, you say. Fair enough. The true price of the CBD in the wellness shots stretches to the high end of the range. But they are convenient. And they come in a fun box, making for an attractive gift.

If you happen to be interested in both CBD and omega-3, you’re in luck: Coromega showcases a larger line of liquid fish oil products.

Bonus: Free shipping on orders over $35? Yes, please! Retailers and diehard fans, take note: wholesale opportunities are available.

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