CBD’s Direct (and Leafier?) Competitors Among Other Plant Extracts

CBD’s Direct
Written by Lisa Rennie

CBD has exploded in the health and wellness sphere, having far-reaching applications that include anything minimizing seizures to promoting healthier-looking skin. While much of the research on CBD involves animal studies, an increasing number of studies look at the impact that CBD may have on human health, and the results are incredibly promising.

But while CBD may certainly have its place in the world of natural health supplements, there are other plant extracts that are giving CBD a run for its money. Let’s take a look at other plant-derived compounds that join CBD in promoting overall health and wellness.


Black Cumin Seed Oil

Well-studied and long used as a beauty treatment, black cumin seed oil is derived from the seeds of Nigella sativa botanical plant, which is also referred to as the Fennel Flower. In Ayurveda, this plant extract has been used for a number of different applications thanks to its warming and tonic properties, as well as for its potential to positively impact mood.

Research suggests that black cumin seed oil also possesses antioxidant properties, making it a potentially effective product to be used to repair and regenerate the skin and slow the signs of aging. [1]



Calendula is an herb of Mediterranean origin, and for hundreds of years, it has been used to heal various skin conditions. More specifically, calendula has been widely used to heal wounds and to serve as an anti-inflammatory agent. [2]

But it’s also long been used for other medicinal purposes, including treating the symptoms associated with menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, fevers, sore throats, and stomach ulcers. [3]



Rosehip is a fruit that blooms from the rose plant just under the petals of the flower and actually contains the seeds of the rose plant. Dried rosehip, combined with the seeds of the plant, can be used together to create a medicine that may help to treat a wide variety of diseases, including skin conditions, diarrhea, arthritis, diabetes, and obesity. [4]

It is a natural source of vitamin C, healthy fatty acids, and phenolic compounds and therefore possesses antioxidant properties. Rosehip may also be used as a cleansing and moisturizing agent.


Grapeseed Oil

Derived from the seeds of grapes, grapeseed oil is much more than just a by-product of winemaking. Grapeseed oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and may be an effective agent in hair and skin care. Studies suggest that grapeseed oil is anti-inflammatory and may possess antimicrobial, heart-protecting, and even anti-cancer properties. [5]

The plant world is truly a marvelous place, offering us a myriad of natural alternatives to traditional medicines and consumer products. And in addition to CBD and other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, there are a host of other plant-derived compounds that have also long been shown to have beneficial health properties.



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