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Written by Mell Green

Editor’s Note: These products were chosen to represent examples of CBD products we find unique and interesting. This article is meant to be informational only and is not promotional in nature. Information on the products were taken from the manufacturer’s web sites; these are not product reviews.

Pairing the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol (CBD) along with other natural chemical compounds has been touted to work wonders for the skin. From dog chews to seltzers, CBD products spreads far and wide–and the cosmetic world is not far behind as CBD-based beauty products are dominating the scene. Below, are selected beauty CBD products to try right now.

Trove CBD Oil Body Balm

This product has a distinct arnica butter and Vitamin E formation and comes in two options: oil of peppermint and matcha green tea and oil of lavender and acai berry. This body balm by Trove addresses soreness so you may enjoy the added pain-relieving effects of CBD with other therapeutic bioactive chemicals.

Dermaquest CBD Blue Light Defense Moisturizer

The Dermaquest CBD Blue Light Defense Moisturizer is a fast-relieving light defense moisturizer that smooths wrinkles. The added benefit of CBD allows this lotion to nurture skin that needs a bit of a boost. The formula includes ingredients that may work to defend your skin against any damage caused by blue light after a long day behind the computer.

Fhenix Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream

This anti-fatigue lotion was formed with botanicals and CBD to smoothen, rejuvenate, and elevate tired eyes. With the addition of CBD, Fhenix’s eye cream can help relieve eye inflammation as well as reduce the appearance of stress-induced wrinkles. Feel free to apply this creamy formula both day and night for younger, healthier-looking under eyes.

Lueur Face Serum

If you are looking for a good blend of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and vitamins to protect against free radicals, then Lueur Face Serum is one to try. Along with CBD, it contains a ton of nutrient-dense botanicals.

Sweet Heal Bath Bomb 

These CBD-infused bath bombs are the bomb! Packed with unique ingredients, it is just what you need at the end of a long day. Drop the bomb into your bath, let it dissolve, and jump in. This bath bomb packs in essential and mineral oils, salts, and scents, as well as CBD, to help you relax–all while you enjoy a nice soak.

Image source: https://www.cossma.com/marketing/article/cbd-and-its-skin-care-benefits-35783.html

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