Tropical Bliss by 101 CBD

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Tropical Bliss, 101 CBD’s new product, takes the flavor game of raw hemp to a sunny, happy place.

True price: $0.12/mg

Product highlight: Tincture

Isolates or full spectrum: Full spectrum (raw)

Dosage range: 400 mg to 2400 mg

Pet product: No

$47.00 from 101 CBD

The Good
Raw, vegan, & organic • Bonus ingredients • Flavor

The Bad
No discount with dose • Limited lab testing

The Bottom Line
101 CBD is a premiere source for raw hemp and CBDa, and the new flavor—Tropical Bliss—sends us on a retreat to white sand and turquoise waters.

Who they are: We met 101 CBD before, but their story is worth repeating. The founders raised a child with severe autism and discovered relief in raw CBD. Unlike most CBD extracts on the market, raw extract has not been decarboxylated. This means it has not been heated. Therefore, the cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) that’s naturally present in hemp extract has not been converted to the good ole’ CBD we usually imbibe.

What? No CBD? Are you serious?

You bet—raw is no laughing matter. It does have some CBD, but it’s mostly CBDa. Science is catching up with CBDa and showing us that it too does amazing things. To keep it raw, 101 CBD uses slow sub-critical CO2 extraction. This preserves high amounts of CBDa plus other cannabinoids and terpenes. Lab tests reveal as much, but little else.

Why they’re unique:  Raw hemp tinctures are scarce enough—now we’re putting tropical bliss in the equation? Sign me up!

Product highlight: The Tropical Bliss tincture is sweetened with organic raw stevia, seated in organic cold-pressed hemp oil, and flavored naturally. It’s available plain or as Alleviate, Boost, or Chill. Each of these products couples raw hemp extract with a unique, targeted bonus ingredient.

Why not start with Boost to open the day? The organic American ginseng provides a  much needed lift by increasing alertness and mental function. On the other hand, if it’s time to wind down, turn to Chill. The organic passionflower aims to help curb anxiety and insomnia. Of course, if aches and pains are the problem, Alleviate may be best. This tincture adds organic white willow bark, known as the natural source of aspirin, to augment relief.

The folks at 101 CBD recommend holding the raw tincture under the tongue for 5 to 7 minutes. This makes the Tropical Bliss flavor a welcome addition to the company’s lineup. The dose variety is nice, with 400, 800, 1200, and 2400 mg options. However, there doesn’t appear to be any discount in true price with higher doses. A subscription plan is available for long-term savings.

Bonus: If you dig the company and the CBD, become an ambassador. We’re talking big discounts, free products, cool apparel… and more!

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