Crappy’s Feel Better Hemp Co.™

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Aiming to uplift and relieve with cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN) blends–delivered with stylish retro branding

True price: $0.04/mg to $0.56/mg

Product selection: Chewable tablets, salve, liniment, lip balm, oral tablets, and apparel

Isolates or full spectrum: Broad spectrum

Dosage range: 9 mg to 750 mg

Pet products: Coming soon

$5.00 from Crappy’s Feel Better Hemp Co.

The Good
Bonus cannabinoids & terpenes • Retro brand aesthetic • Large following • Vegan

The Bad
Partial lab testing • Somewhat opaque/potentially misleading

The Bottom Line
The fun retro theme and designer chewable tablets make Crappy’s a popular way to feel… well, less crappy

Who they are: Hailing from Conifer, Colorado, a group of self-described nerds founded Crappy’s because, quite simply, “Life’s too short to feel Crappy.” To be fair, they are actually chemists. Oh, and they boast 75 combined years of know-how in safety testing and quality assurance. Feel better?

You should–Crappy’s is all about “Feeling Good and Doing Good.” The site mentions charitable efforts and includes certificates of analysis (CoAs). However, the CoAs only cover cannabinoids in the chewable tablets. Then there is the claim that CBD is not psychoactive, which is not technically true (“non-intoxicating” is more accurate). The “nerdy technology” used to design products is also not explained.

But the retro theme is impossible to resist. Want proof? Check out the company’s Instagram page with 10,000+ followers. The company never breaks character, from the site copy to the packaging. The products even have cool names like “Premium Hangover Helper.” Fun vintage vibes? Check.

Why they’re unique: Crappy’s does something that’s still fairly unique in the space. Drum roll please…it’s cannabigerol, aka CBG! And cannabinol, CBN! And what’s this? Terpene blends! That’s right–this is not a one-woman CBD show. At least not in the chewable tablets.

What products they have: Chewable tablets, soothing salve, joint rub, an oral tablet, and assorted lip balms. Diehard fans can check out the branded hat and water bottle.

The chewable tablets exude magnetism. Fade Fighter packs 10 mg CBG and 3 mg CBD per piece (25 per pack); Party Prep is similar. Then there’s Hangover Helper, which fits 15 mg CBG, 5 mg CBD, and 1 mg CBN into a single serving. The goal here, presumably, is disaster management–or maybe just an average day (ahem). The company’s oral tablet is similar to Hangover Helper but is not chewable.

Terpene blends are included in each–which terpenes, you ask? Good question. They are proprietary. In other news, small trial packs (three pieces) are on tap. Yippee!

Crappy’s lip balms are great for SPF 15 but even better for fun flavors. We’re talking Meemaw’s Mints, Dr. Hemper Cola, and Cherry Limeade. For bodily aches and pains, the Muscle and Joint Liniment seats 750 mg CBD in organic cocoa seed butter and coconut oil. Soothe and Repair Salve also contains 750 mg CBD but is designed for skin issues with aloe leaf juice.

An anonymous reviewer had this to say about the chewable tablets: “It’s pretty hard to put into words how much I love these products…There’s nothing better on an afternoon when you need to get some work done. No caffeine jitters, no crash, just an uplifted mood and the focus and drive to get stuff done!!”

Bonus: Free shipping for orders over $25? Yes, please.

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