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Tree Rolls Hemp

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“You Smoke ‘em, we plant ‘em.” Tree-Rolls® premium quality products are designed from the ground up to satisfy all types of hemp consumers, while also doing good for our planet and its inhabitants. Through our partnership with Trees for the Future (, one tree is planted for each product our consumers enjoy. #PUFFPUFFPLANT™


The hemp plant contains hundreds of complex botanical compounds that interact synergistically when consumed to enhance each other’s therapeutic effects. These compounds include over a hundred types of cannabinoids and an array of terpenes. These terpenes give the plant its beautiful flavor and aromatic qualities and can be found in the essential oils of plants like eucalyptus, lemons, lavender, pine trees and just about every other plant in nature. The act of smoking hemp CBD flower is an extremely effective and convenient way to deliver all of these beneficial compounds into your body.


At Tree-Rolls®, all our premium, organically grown hemp flowers are hand-selected and slow-cured to maximize terpene preservation, flavor, aroma and effects. Every batch of our hemp flowers is lab tested by a third party with test results included in a scannable QR code on each pack. Unlike many smokable hemp products on the market, we strictly refuse to use low quality flower, hemp that’s been cured improperly with industrial driers, or hemp that’s been extracted of its precious and beneficial contents. Only pure, natural quality as nature intended.

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