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How to Cook with CBD Oil

Written by Lisa Rennie

While you can always include cannabidiol (CBD) to your daily regimen by adding a drop under your tongue or vaping it, you can also take advantage of its healing properties while simultaneously enjoying a meal or sweet treat.

CBD can easily be added to some of your favorite recipes and enjoyed as a homemade edible, but there are some ground rules that you’ll need to abide by to make the most of cooking with CBD oil.


Consider Serving Size

Make sure you take into consideration the serving size of the dish you’re making or the batch of baked goods you’re baking so the concentration of CBD is enough to provide the desired dosage. For example, if you want 20mg of CBD in each cookie you make out of a batch of 24, you’ll need about 480 mg of CBD added to the entire batter. Adjust accordingly based on serving size and the exact dosage you’re looking for per serving.


Don’t Cook at High Heat

Overheating the CBD could destroy the active compounds in the cannabinoid and make it less potent. If you’re heating up the oil on the stove, keep the burner no higher than medium. And if you’re baking, try to keep your oven set to no more than 350°F. Otherwise, the CBD could evaporate.

If possible, consider adding the CBD oil to your dish after it’s been cooked. Otherwise, be mindful of how hot you turn up the heat on your stove or oven when cooking or baking directly with CBD.


Keep Flavor in Mind

Many CBD tinctures tend to have a bitter taste to them, so you may want to add some flavoring to make it more palatable. However, many other CBD products have distinct flavors reminiscent of things like berries, honey, citrus, mint, and so forth.

Keep the dish you’re making in mind when choosing a CBD oil to add, as the flavors may not mix as well as you’d like. It may take a little experimenting before you get it just right and create perfect flavor combinations.


Use a Fatty Base

CBD works quite well when there is a healthy fat included in the recipe, such as coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, or butter. CBD oil is perfect for baking and cooking for this very reason. You may even want to mix your CBD with the fat that you’re using in your recipe before incorporating it with the rest of the ingredients.


Image source: Galina Afanaseva from Pixabay

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