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CBD is Transitioning from the Cannabis Space to the Health and Wellness Arena

Written by Della O’Brian

Cannabidiol (CBD) use has been increasing since its introduction as a non-psychoactive form of cannabis with substantial positive health effects. So much so that you can find CBD products in many places, maybe even your grocery store.

Although CBD is present in many products, from cosmetics to prescription medications, the wellness industry is the most affected by CBD. While many people initially felt comfortable trying the substance because it is non-psychoactive, CBD has proven its worth. As a result, plenty of skeptics are now believers.

In a study by Moltke and Hindocha, 287 current and past users of CBD responded to an online survey. They reported their CBD use patterns, reasons for use, demographics, and effects on their sleep, anxiety, and stress. The respondents reported consuming CBD for anxiety, sleep problems, stress, and general wellbeing and health. More importantly, they noted the substance’s success in treating their symptoms. [2]

Study after study has demonstrated CBD’s relevance to health and wellness. Unsurprisingly, this has led to an increasing number of medical professionals who stand behind CBD as an alternative to prescription medications. Additionally, there are some medications that contain CBD that are FDA-approved for treating serious illnesses. One of which is Epidolex- a treatment for pediatric seizures associated with Dravet syndrome or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. [1]

With studies like these, it is no wonder CBD is moving out of the Cannabis space and into the health and wellness arena. Even the health professionals with the FDA have seen its value and encourage researchers to explore CBD further. [3]

CBD’s efficacy in treating pediatric seizure disorders indicates a level of trust in the substance that would astound anyone before the mid-2000s. It is safe. It is effective. And people can use it to treat and prevent many illnesses. That is why CBD is taking the wellness industry by storm.



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