Preferred Partners

The advertisements in the articles feature products that are relevant to the subject matter in articles so that cannabis scientists can find new ways to improve their business. Including lab equipment, etc.

Softgel Co.

We provide low-cost softgel manufacturing with low order minimums, bulk pricing and great customer service.

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Extract Consultants

Extract Consultants was established by an essential oil, aroma chemical and sensory expert, with a true passion for the flavors, aromas and effect of flowered products and concentrates. This person brings with him a team of internationally renowned chemists and formulators, combined with facilities that house the most advanced processing equipment in the essential oil and flavor industries in order to provide efficacious, high-quality and standardized products.

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Micro Printing

For over 30 years Micro has partnered with companies of all sizes, in the medical, pharmaceutical, health & beauty, gourmet food and confections and other consumer product industries. Consistently providing unmatched quality and customer service makes Micro Packaging a partner you can trust. Offering sustainable solutions, Micro grows with your business.

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