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Written by Tamir Bresler

The Growing Popularity of CBD-Infused Beauty Products

There’s been a lot written about CBD-infused beauty products in the last few months, as a slew of California celebrities gained access to a whole market of legal Cannabis extracts this January. From People magazine and Allure, to Elle, all the way to the New York Times it seems like everyone wants to write about the new CBD trend. What is going on with the sudden new craze for CBD?

One major factor contributing to the rising popularity of CBD products comes from the fact that hemp-derived CBD was recently clarified by the DEA as being completely federally legal1. This is a huge step forward for advocates of cannabinoid legislation. The DEAs memo essentially confirmed what many in the hemp industry have already known to be true; that it is not the cannabinoids themselves that are illegal, but rather their source.

Why is this important? Although chemically identical, cannabis-derived whole spectrum extracts have been recognized as having higher medical efficacy with less risk for bioaccumulation of toxins. The higher efficacy comes from a richer array and higher levels of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. These compounds allosterically coordinate with CBD in a process known as the entourage effect2. Hemp extracts exhibit the effects of bioaccumulation because it takes significantly more hemp to get the same concentration of CBD than from cannabis.

Having said that, hemp-derived full spectrum extracts still contain the medicinal cannabinoids and terpenes that are necessary for medicinal effects. And, they are legal nationwide. That means hemp-derived CBD products can be shipped across the country. This has led to the mass-marketing of all sorts of CBD products3. Recognized for its beneficial dermal, anti-oxidant, and relaxation-inducing effects, CBD is being infused into a wide range of traditional beauty and wellness products as a whole new generation of clientele is being introduced to the healing wonders of the cannabis industry.

The most popular application of this new CBD technology is its addition into creams. And among the most popular brands of this most popular application is Lord Jones’ Pain & Wellness lotion4 (that’s the one that all the celebrities use, so it gets the most air time). Touted for its moisturizing and fast-acting pain relief, testimonials are pouring in singing its praises. And this is just one of many other products available out there.

But be warned. With lack of FDA regulation, you, the consumer, have to make sure you are purchasing authentic, quality products. CBD alone does not have a high medical efficacy, so ensure you are buying whole-hemp extracts to get that “Oh Wow!” moment during use. Make sure the company is testing their end-product for safety against microbial, pesticide, and heavy-metal toxicity. Finally, do not buy cheap rip offs of brands, as their source is unverified and therefore you have no idea what’s really in it—it can really make you sick5.

In short, the CBD market continues to grow at a rapid pace, both vertically and horizontally, as it leeches into new avenues and markets. Where will you find CBD next?



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