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5 Realistic Expectations when Taking CBD

Written by Asia Mayfield

You want to try CBD.

Infused products shout from every shelf. The TV blares with CBD announcements. You know that you’re interested. But do you know what to expect?

It’s time to cut through the nonsense. There are a lot of myths about CBD swirling around in the world. This guide is designed to let you know what you can actually expect.

  1. You’ll feel relaxed

Don’t worry. CBD but won’t get you high. But it might take the edge off your extreme stress. A wealth of research and anecdotal data show that CBD has an intense calming effect for many people.

  1. You’ll think clearer

Stress clouds your mind. By reducing your anxiety, CBD can help you think more clearly. That’s why so many people consume CBD when they need to focus. Unlike THC-laden cannabis products, you can safely ingest CBD before a big test or work meeting.

  1. You’ll be Excited

The first time to try CBD will be exciting. You have no idea how you’re going to feel. You’ve heard celebrities gush about the amazing benefits, but you have no idea how the experience will turn out.

  1. You’ll Feel Happier

CBD is associated with pain relief. If a dose of CBD takes care of your discomfort, you’ll likely be in a better mood. It’s hard to keep smiling if you’re struggling to feel okay.

  1. You won’t notice a difference

Here’s something you need to be prepared for- you may not notice anything when you take CBD. Most, if not all, of the effects are very subtle. In addition, some of the health benefits won’t be consciously noticed by your body. A healthy, happy person might not notice a slight decrease in inflammation.

If you try CBD and don’t notice a difference, try increasing your dose and giving it some time.

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