Mislabeled CBD

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Mislabeled CBD = Misjudging Your Day
The self-regulation of the cannabis industry has created some concerns among medicinal and professional users who express an interest in starting to use CBD. It turns out that not all CBD products do a great job of accurately reporting their dosage on the labels. A recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), identified and analyzed 84 unique products from 31 companies available for online retail purchase that included CBD content on their packaging. They found that, even allowing a ±10% variance in product labeling, only twenty-six (31%) of the tested products were labeled correctly. It’s noteworthy that the actual CBD content in many overlabeled products was so low, it was essentially zero (negligible or less than 1%). Notably, this gross mislabeling is similar in magnitude to levels that triggered warning letters to 14 businesses in 2015-2016 from the FDA. This panel will raise awareness of the importance of accurate dose reporting to medicinal patients, and discuss ways that manufacturers can better determine with accuracy the actual CBD content in their cannabis products.

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