Physician and Athletes

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With the World Anti-Doping Agency decision to remove CBD from the Prohibited Substances List on January 1st, 2018, we expect CBD to begin playing a leading role in athletic life. Many people don’t realize that most professional athletes are in so much pain from heavy training loads and competition that they are just looking for any way to find relief. CBD will give many athletes a great alternative to harmful substances—legal or illegal. It is the physician’s responsibility to monitor the athlete’s response to cannabis therapy, recommend products that have been tested to confirm they are free and clear of THC, and accurately dose their patients. Because of the highly visible nature of their work, athletes also have a responsibility to share with their fans the therapeutic potential of cannabinoid therapy in order to reverse the stigma that still exists in many countries. This panel will bring athletes and physicians together to explain how CBD can best be integrated into organized sports. They will also talk about key therapeutic targets where CBD can replace more harmful drugs, or work synergistically to enhance current therapies.

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