What Makes a Top-Notch CBD Product?

Asia Mayfield
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Society is gripped by a raging interest in CBD. Although the cannabinoid is associated with a myriad of health benefits, buying CBD is a lot more complicated than picking up a bottle of aspirin. You have to be your own advocate.

What’s the best CBD product for you? No one will be able to answer that question for you. However, there are things you can look for to determine a CBD product’s quality.

Where’s it from?

Full-spectrum CBD derived from cannabis plants is believed to have more medicinal value than CBD sourced from hemp. If your state has a legal cannabis market, head to the nearest dispensary. You’ll be able to find whole plant CBD.

If you’re buying hemp-based CBD, you need to be careful about what company you buy from. According to the FDA, which regulates hemp CBD: “Some of these firms claim that their products contain cannabidiol (CBD). FDA has tested those products and, in some of them, did not detect any CBD.”

Focus on products manufactured with U.S.-nurtured hemp.

What are the claims?

You should be wary of bold health claims. CBD research is thriving, but the FDA doesn’t allow manufacturers to make specific health claims yet. A company that’s willing to flout this rule might be ignoring others.

Are there any reviews?

It’s hard to fake a fanbase. A great CBD company should be able to build a recognizable following. You’ll be able to find comments on social media sites, Google, etc.

You can take a chance on a fledgling company, but limit your first purchase to a single item.

In CBD products, potency is a matter of personal taste rather than quality. Stronger products are often more expensive. They’re not worth paying for unless you really need the extra dose.


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