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CBD Cleansing Helps Cannabis Patients Tackle Toxins

Written by Nicholas Demski

A look at how cleansing with CBD products helps cannabis patients clean their bodies without giving up their medicine.

A small village in the middle of Michigan watches their historic mill burn. The centennial structure sends fire 50 feet into the night sky. Its heat radiates out down the street for blocks. The firefighters stood on guard to protect nearby homes; they knew there was nothing they could do by the time they arrived.

The old, wooden building took just a few hours to completely incinerate. As the fire started, the old floorboards and panels became fuel. The fire got hotter. The beams and roof added more fuel to the fire. It was a feedback loop that rapidly devastated a large building.

Similar feedback loops can appear in humans.

Imagine what the feedback loop between inflammation and toxin build-up could do. According to a 2014 paper, as inflammation builds, the body has more trouble filtering out toxins. [1] The author noted that many people have the wrong bacteria in their gut. As a result, gut permeability decreases and toxins leak into the bloodstream. Additionally, as the toxin levels grow, there is a natural inflammatory response. It’s a vicious cycle that can rapidly downregulate metabolic functions.

That’s why some people are so keen on cleansing. For people who need cannabis in their system on a regular schedule, there’s a way to cleanse without giving up CBD products.

Cannabidiol is well-known for its level of tolerability. It’s even used in some pediatric medications — such as those for children suffering some types of epilepsy.

It’s tolerability pairs well with its ability to reduce inflammation. A 2018 paper showed that CBD may have significant anti-inflammatory properties. [2] For people doing an internal and external cleansing, the added bonus is that CBD appears particularly well-suited to treat inflammatory epidermal conditions, such as dermatitis and acne.

If you’re planning to do a cleanse, but want to keep your CBD, here are a few ways to incorporate CBD into your system:

  • Utilize CBD topicals and patches
  • Clean your skin with CBD soaps
  • Wash your hair CBD shampoo
  • Infuse CBD oil into your food
  • Juice raw cannabis to boost CBDA intake
  • Smoke CBD cigarettes
  • Vape CBD oils
  • And more

Do you cleanse while you’re using cannabis? Let us know your personal tricks of the trade in the comments below!



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