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CBD for Anxious Pets

Written by Asia Mayfield

Dealing with an anxious or scared pet can make you feel like bashing your head against the wall. You want help Fido but it’s hard enough talking a human a human being down off a ledge. Trying to reason with your dog or cat about its emotions is a losing battle.

Cannabis might be able to help. Rocketing CBD sales have created a new industry. Investors are eagerly watching the birth. You can now buy CBD products created for your pet. Supporters say CBD can soothe an irritated animal.

“Pets can’t show placebo effects, so you can really see the effects,” says Patrick Kelly, a managing partner at bioRemedies MD. “People who take care of pets are very loyal and will spend any amount of money to take care of a family member. And there’s no known danger.”

There isn’t a lot of research either way. Scientists are only just beginning to understand CBD’s effects. It’s not clear that dogs and cats react to cannabinoids in the same way. However, heaps of anecdotal information from loving pet owners shows that CBD can make a huge difference.

During an interview with the Seattle Times, a Washington woman desribed her experience giving CBD to her elderly dog. “We noticed he powered up the stairs on his own, which he hadn’t done for months, and we were blown away by it… It doesn’t cure old age, but his personality traits started coming out again.”

Pet CBD is marketed to treat anxiety and pain. You can buy infused lotions, shampoos, edible treats, etc. One of the biggest concerns in the industry relates to quality. Hemp-derived CBD is completely unregulated. The CBD pet brownies that you buy online might actually be devoid of real CBD. If you can’t buy from a legal dispensary, make sure you spend time looking up company reviews.

Image Source: ASPCA

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