Tips for First-Time Cannabis Consumers

Mell Green
Written by Mell Green

Like most things, trying something new can be terrifying. Part of that comes from the fear of the unknown, not knowing what to expect. But, don’t ever let that discourage you from taking the plunge and trying out new things, because you might just miss out on something great. Speaking of something great, rest assured that when it comes to the cannabis plant there is so much to gain and very little to lose.

Certainly, trying cannabis for the first time is an intimidating thing, but it is not the gateway drug that most reefer madness folk tend to claim. In fact, maybe the best thing to know is that there are no known cases of cannabis causing death, unlike alcohol, hard drugs, and other addictive, mind-altering substances. At the very least, in an extreme case, you might feel a little anxious or paranoid, but that usually comes only with high doses.

Whatever your motivation, if you have decided that now is your time to delve into the world of cannabis, there are things you need to know to determine if cannabis is truly right for you. Follow these tips to make sure your first time trying cannabis is a pleasurable one.

Pick A Place

It’s highly important that you consume cannabis where you are most comfortable. Imagine getting high for the first time surrounded by large crowds or loud and distracting commotions. Relaxing? Don’t think so! The environment is critical, so choose a safe place where you can relax and enjoy the effects of cannabis in peace.

Consume Comfortably

Before starting, it’s important to ask yourself if you have trusted company you can be around when trying cannabis for the first time. No one likes being peer pressured, especially if it’s to try to get you to consume more cannabis than you can handle.

Be Prepared

To make any experience enjoyable, planning ahead is always a good idea. Before jumping in, completely clear your schedule of any commitments that you might have, and set out the perfect day and time when you want the festivities to begin.

Start Small

As a general rule of thumb: start small and give it some time to see how your body reacts. If you’re not feeling much afterward, repeat. Compared to other inhalation-based consumption methods, onset isn’t as fast if you’re consuming edibles, so we recommend that you wait a little longer until effects start to kick in—at least an hour or two.


It’s probably easier said than done, but starting out in a state of relaxation provides a critical, easy-going foundation for the session ahead. No matter what, before puffing and passing, try monitoring your breathing to keep yourself calm.

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