Things to Know When Making CBD Edibles from Home

Mell Green
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CBD edibles have become a creative and favorite way of indulging and, while they don’t induce a psychoactive “high” like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), without a single doubt, they can positively impact your health. The great news? You can easily make them in the comfort of your own home and probably at more than half the cost. If you’re curious about learning how to make your own CBD edibles, here’s the rundown.


Compared to THC, effects are not much of a concern when it comes to CBD. THC-based edibles, CBD offers a range of benefits without the stone, so you don’t have to worry about feeling paranoid or anxious.


Some forms of CBD can be impractical and are not always convenient. For example, vaporizers might be the best to get your daily dose during the workday. With CBD edibles, you’ll appreciate the ability to simply eat one and get relief discreetly.


CBD edibles tend to have a more gradual onset, but gets released slowly over long periods of time as food is digested. Effects are typically felt within 30 minutes or so and provide a long-lasting relief — even two or four hours longer than inhalation.

Although there are many options, making CBD edibles are not only based on the recipe, but also your personal preference. Here are a few important tips worth jotting down before starting the process:

  • Know your serving size: Do the math to know how much CBD you’ll get per serving. For example, if you make 8 tbsp of CBD butter and used 2 grams of 500mg of CBD oil, and your recipe calls for 4 tbsp of butter, you will have 250mg of CBD. Divide that into the number of servings made, and you have your serving size.
  • Know there’s a maximum boiling point: Heating CBD is a managed process. Temperatures should between 160-180°C (320-356°F); any higher and it’s possible that some CBD may evaporate.
  • Know that CBD is sensitive: Cannabinoids are heat and light sensitive, and degrade with prolonged exposure. It’s important that you store your product in a cool, dark place.

The basic process of making your own edibles involves combining the starting material with the CBD product of your choice. Because of cannabidiol’s unique chemical makeup, as a fat-soluble, hydrophobic substance, it’s best combined with oil-based products such as butter and oil. Here are few ideas you can try for a tasty and especially therapeutic treat:

  • Use butter to bake your favorite cookie, cake, cupcake, or brownie recipe.
  • Combine CBD oil with dressings and vinaigrettes to drizzle on salads.
  • Try sprinkling some CBD oil on oven-baked chips or roasted veggies.

Do consult your doctor before using CBD.

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