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Analysis of Strains on the Market with 1:1 or Higher Ratios of CBD

Cannabis strains
Written by Asia Mayfield

Cannabis strains with a significant amount of CBD offer users a unique sensation. The mind-altering, psychoactive effects of the THC are dulled, allowing for a clearer head. The CBD exerts a relaxing effect.

These strains are particularly popular with medical users. CBD has a unique chemical profile with benefits that appeal to people with specific health problems. For example, many researchers believe that CBD can alter your immune response.

If you live in an area with legal cannabis, your local dispensary likely has a high-CBD strain on their menu.

Here are a few strains with an appreciable CBD content.

  1. ACDC

ACDC is a hybrid strain that routinely tests at a 20:1 CBD/THC ratio. The THC content is so low that a heavy smoker may not feel intoxicated. Users who are searching for a strain they can smoke daily while still engaging in normal activities might find what they’re looking for with ACDC.

  1. Cannatonic

Born from a cross between G13 Haze and MK Ultra, Cannatonic is a world-renowned CBD strain. It often has around 12% CBD with an equal amount of THC. Because the cannabinoids are balanced, users often experience an intense high.

  1. Pennywise

The frightening-sounding name comes from the strain’s parents, Harlequin and Jack the Ripper. On user-generated lists of top CBD strains, Pennywise is almost always included. It’s an indica strain, which users often say creates a deeply physical “body” high. However, this hasn’t been proven by science. Pennywise flowers test at a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio.

  1. Charlotte’s Web

This is the strain that started it all. Charlotte’s Web was specifically bred to have a very high CBD content and almost no THC. It has limited attractions for a recreational user.

Whether for medicinal or recreational use, a wide range of CBD and THC varieties exist and provide solutions for consumers.


Image Source: NCSM

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