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Earnest Eats’ Hemp Almond Butter Bar rocks CBD snacks with an eruption of flavor and nutrition.

True price: $0.20/mg
Product selection: Snack bar
Isolates or full spectrum: Full spectrum
Dosage range: 20 mg
Pet products: No

$3.99 from Earnest Eats

The Good
Established company • Unique product • Delicious and nutritious

The Bad
Very limited CBD products • No lab tests • Can be expensive

The Bottom Line
Earnest Eats offers a tasty CBD snack that doubles as a sweet indulgence for health-conscious individuals

Who they are: The Earnest Eats “squad” describes themselves as “jokesters, lovers and haters, go getters and fitness freaks…Or maybe just a handful of dorks.” Zany or not, the Californian crew takes their mission very seriously: to bring the “badass” back to breakfast and snacks. So far, they’ve done an impressive job.

You might’ve come across Earnest Eats products in small mom-and-pop dives like Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, and CVS Pharmacy. Forget about eggs and empty carbs, folks. Earnest Eats packs a creative, nutritious punch: we’re talking superfood vegan oatmeal cups and protein+probiotic toasties. The flavor and ingredient combinations are equally delightful. There’s the cocoa, cashew, and pepitas oatmeal, for example, or the mango, green tea, and sesame. Simple but superb.

The company website features a blog with healthy diet tips. When in doubt, check it out. On the downside, no lab testing or details regarding the hemp CBD are currently available.

Why they’re unique:  Earnest Eats boasts a reputation for healthy, badass breakfasts and snacks. They’ve just entered the CBD universe. Connecting the dots here… badass, CBD snacks? Oh, yeah!

What products they have: Earnest Eats aims to launch its new CBD bar in December. That’s just in time for the holidays, and nothing beats a delectable CBD stocking stuffer.

The only product on today’s lineup is the Earnest Eats Hemp Almond Butter Bar. Seem like a mouthful? Better believe it: a mouthful of these bars is hard to avoid. Each one packs 20 mg of full spectrum hemp oil. The impressive array of natural ingredients and gourmet flavors make it a natural crowd pleaser.

Ingredients include whole rolled oats, cane syrup, organic dark chocolate chips, almond butter, sunflower seeds, and peanut butter. Is anyone else’s mouth watering? But that’s not all: six grams of protein and four grams of fiber make the bars health-conscious snacks. Plus, they are vegan and wheat free.

The true price of the CBD runs on the high end — but we’re also paying for solid nutrition. So that’s a toss up.

If Choco Peanut Butta doesn’t get you excited, be prepared for a new lineup of flavors in the future. Good tidings to taste buds!


Bonus: Earnest Eats CBD-infused snack will soon be available on the shelves of major retailers. That kind of convenience is hard to beat.

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