Soular Alchemy

Soular Alchemy
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Soular Alchemy’s innovative formula mixes the magic of metaphysics with quality full spectrum CBD.

True price: $0.05/mg to $0.06/mg
Product selection: Beverage additives
Isolates or full spectrum: Full
Dosage range: 5,000 mg
Pet products: No

$250.00 from CV Sciences

The Good
Unique products • Affordable • Brand aesthetic

The Bad
No published lab tests • Limited payment • Limited products

The Bottom Line
New Age or not, seekers of creative, explosive full spectrum CBD should check out Soular Alchemy.

Who they are: The dynamic duo behind Soular Alchemy boasts some unusual qualifications: Trevor is a studied alchemist, and Kristopher comes from the world of massage, sound, and energy therapy. Together, they bring something completely unique to the world of CBD: Spagyric extracts.

Spagyric was coined by an alchemist in the 15th century. It means “to separate and recombine.” The company uses closed-loop organic cane ethanol for full spectrum extraction. Then they burn the leftover biomass to ash, calcine it, and dissolve the minerals and salts into water. The goal? To create crystals from the original hemp.

With the acidic oil and base crystals separated, Soular Alchemy recombines them (thus, Spagyric). This causes esterification, which forms new compounds known as esters. The company compares esters to a nitrous oxide booster in a race car: it pushes full spectrum to new speeds. This is 100% hemp and 100% original. Fully loaded, baby.

Soular Alchemy uses language like “soul of the plant,” “resurrection,” and “consciousness,” which can be really fun or really cryptic, depending on tastes. The use of “high vibrational nano-tech” falls to cryptic side. Lab testing is not provided.

Why they’re unique:  The Spagyric process boasts its own patent. Soular Alchemy is therefore the only company that offers “Beyond Full Spectrum.” Unique products aside, this is contemporary alchemy. From the founders: “Cannabis is one of the few plants considered a Solar plant, known as royalty among the rest of its kingdom.” Let that sink in.

What products they have: The Terp Dragon Spagryic hemp beverage additive. Toss it in a protein shake, enjoy with fresh juice, or sprinkle into water.

The additive comes in two styles: 5,000 mg Full Spectrum and 5,000 mg Full Spectrum Plus. Yes, that’s a whopping amount of CBD!

The plus product takes some of the recycled alcohol from the extraction facility and puts it back. The idea is to introduce even more flavonoids, terpenes, chlorophyll, and esters. Thus, the plus. The full spectrum CBD comes from Suver Haze, a hemp chemovar brimming with CBD.

Currently, Soular Alchemy requires payment through Paypal.


Bonus: The process and brand — even the logo — are layered with deep meaning. Many will enjoy the metaphysical magic that colors this CBD experience.

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