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CBD & Public Speaking: Conquering Your Fears Naturally

Written by Mell Green

Public speaking is one of the most commonly cited fears, and the idea of talking in front of strangers can be paralyzing. This difficult task that many must endure daily as part of their work has been found to be significantly more manageable (and even enjoyable) with cannabidiol (CBD).

This cannabinoid’s properties can calm both physical and mental anxieties, as well as provide you with the motivation and confidence you need to excel on stage. CBD’s soothing effects can create the perfect recipe to help you achieve the best public speaking performance possible–and there’s research to show it.

 In 2019, a study was conducted to better understand the effect of CBD on people with social anxiety disorder (SAD) and avoidant personality disorder.[1] Seventeen teeenagers (18-19 years old) received a 300-mg daily dose of CBD for four weeks, while 20 received a placebo (inactive substance). CBD treatment significantly reduced anxiety scores. While this study was short in duration, it provides positive evidence regarding the potential use of CBD for social anxiety such as experienced during public speaking.

And findings from a similar study echoed these results. Researchers evaluated people with SAD and directly tested the impact of CBD on public speaking by asking participants to simulate a public speaking test.[2] Half of the participants (12), who were college students, received a single 600-mg CBD dose and half received a placebo. CBD treatment prior to the simulation significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort during the test. Though these studies are small in size, they provide encouraging findings.

Alleviating overall anxiety can greatly help prepare one for a performance or presentation, as we are able to better manage our racing thoughts and put more focus toward our goal. But, along with calming the mind, CBD can calm your anxious body, too.

The more nervous we get, the more our body reacts. Typically, physical anxiety can result in tremors, sweating, an increased heart rate, and overall discomfort. These reactions only add a layer of uneasiness to your already stressful time, so being able to combat these symptoms can make the entire process a whole lot easier. By working directly with the nervous system, CBD may also be able to address tremors. Through this partnership, shakiness is better controlled and autonomic arousal (or increased heart rate) is reduced overall. This mitigation in physical anxiety can help give your mind the clarity it needs to focus on the task at hand–not your sweaty palms.

During uncertain times like these, our doubts often get the best of us and we find ourselves questioning our abilities. Instead of letting our anxieties win, CBD can help us see what we’re really capable of.

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