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Engineering next-level vaporizers with sleek design and high functionality

Vape kit price:  $49.95 to $656.95

Product selection: Oil/flower vaporizer, concentrate vape pens, an electric dab rig, and assorted accessories, tools, attachments, and parts; CBD vaporizer cartridges and batteries; apparel/misc.

Isolates or full spectrum:
Broad spectrum

CBD cart dosage: 250 mg at $0.14/mg

Pet products: No

$34.95 from Dr. Dabber

The Good
Innovative vape tech • No vape additives • QR scans for lab tests • Better Business Bureau Accredited • Widely popular

The Bad
Can have learning curve • Some reports of long shipping or faulty parts

The Bottom Line
Dr. Dabber is popular for a reason the company offers a vaporizer experience tailored to the desires of beginners and experts alike.

Who they are: Dr. Dabber has been around since 2013. The company was born from “two guys with a vision, picking and packing orders out of a garage in Florida.” Orders skyrocketed. They moved to Vegas and released the first electric dab rig. Dr. Dabber even trademarked the term “e-rig” but decided to let it go.

Since then, Dr. Dabber has developed several innovations, including induction heating (stay tuned). It’s fair to say the company walks the talk.

Why they’re unique: Dr. Dabber has pushed vaporizer tech and consumer experience to new levels. Striving to minimize health risks and maximize flavor, the company continues to deliver award-winning devices.

What products they have: Vaporizers of varying sizes and types; loads of attachments/accessories, tools, and parts; CBD vape carts. There’s also branded, limited edition playing cards if you’re feelin’ lucky.

The CBD carts are free from additives (like propylene glycol) and instead include terpene blends. Third-party lab reports are a QR scan or link click away.

The newest ticket item is the Stella, a vape pen that heats wax or oil with three temperature settings ranging from 460º to 775º F. The Temperature Coefficient Resistance (TCR) heating element is designed to better control temperature. This means no burnt taste and longer battery life. Another cool feature is the floating vaporization chamber, which keeps the heat in the vape and off your hands.

Perhaps the most popular product is the Switch. The main draw here is induction heating (patent-pending). Take a look at the numbers: 4 seconds to heat. Twenty-five temperature settings ranging from 300º to 800º F. One hundred-and-fifty puffs per charge and 60 minutes to recharge. That said, it’s a desktop vape at 13 inches tall. Though versatile, some users feel the Switch does not work as well for flower.

Attachments for the Switch include the Hive Ball, with alarge water reservoir,” and the Snowflake Recycler, with an “intricate percolator design.”

Aaron G left this comment on the Better Business Bureau®:

Great products that don’t break the bank and the customer service team at Dr. Dabber are second to none. I’ve had an issue or two with orders but all were dealt with very well and quickly.”

 Bonus: Vaporizers from Dr. Dabber come with a 1- or 2-year warranty depending on product. They also offer discounts to military, first responders, and teachers.

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