Vital Body™ Therapeutics

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Designing CBD products to melt aches under the warmth of luxurious spa infusions

True price: $0.05/mg to $0.73/mg

Product selection: Topical relief cream, balm stick, bath salt, massage cream, body oil, and a tincture

Isolates or full spectrum: Broad spectrum

Dosage range: 15 mg to 7,200 mg

Pet products: No

$15 from Vital Body Therapeutics

The Good
Hand-made • Organic bonus ingredients • Women owned & operated • Wholesale option

The Bad
Site can be opaque • Partial lab testing

The Bottom Line
Why go to the spa when Vital Body Therapeutics comes to you?

Who they are: California natives Jennifer Galvin and Kelly Stoll know a thing or two about massage therapy: they are the proprietors of Vital Body Therapy, a “beloved” orthopedic spa in Santa Cruz. We’re talking teams of therapists and 50,000+ clients. Dedicated to natural wellness, the dynamic duo launched CBD products from their kitchen. The products were a hit–Vital Body Therapeutics has since grown to a 5,000 square foot facility.

Popularity aside, products are still hand-made. Glorious. Each is designed to “target inflammation and pain.” Certificates of analysis are available but only report cannabinoid potency. With proof of non-detected THC, the company asserts “no psychoactive effect or risk of failing a drug screening.” That’s a tough claim to make these days, so we encourage you to reach out to the company if you have further questions about testing results.

But here comes the sun: the hemp is grown with organic practices and most other ingredients are certified organic. There’s also “solar infusion,” or extraction of herbs in oil under sunlight. Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting.

Why they’re unique: What’s better than a day at the spa? A day at the spa with CBD, of course. Vital Body Therapeutics delivers it in bottles!

What products they have: One tincture and an array of topical infusions: pain relief cream, balm stick, body oil, bath soak, and massage cream. The tincture packs 1,200 mg CBD but it’s the mixing with certified organic turmeric that’s intriguing. Topical bonus ingredients are even more impressive.

The relief cream draws together the likes of arnica, ginger, comfrey, St. John’s wort, thyme, devil’s claw, chamomile, and holy basil. This super squad of spa heroes works together with 200 mg CBD or, for extra strength, 800 mg. They’re certified organic with a mission to fight aches and pains. The on-the-go CBD balm delivers this lineup but as a convenient roll-on. Lad in distress over here!

Vital Body welcomes dandelion and rosehip oil to the healing party with CBD body oil. Lavender, juniper berry, and cedarwood essential oils mingle with 250 mg CBD to soothe and delight the senses.

Spa owners and massage therapists shouldn’t miss the massage cream. It brims with the aforementioned ingredients and offers up to 7,200 mg CBD under one lid. This stuff is made for professionals with “grip, glide, absorbency” and a “delicate scent.”

Eleana W. left this feedback on the body oil: “This product truly is vital for me. I suffer from arthritis and this product (as well others I’ve tried here) are simply making my life more livable. This one makes my skin so soft while adding relief, so I really appreciate that.”

Julie wrote about the massage cream (extra strength): “We carry this in our salon. People are amazed at how quickly it works.”

Bonus: The company offers a free sample of massage cream!

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