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Welcome to the Cadillac of CBD Topicals, Peace, Love & Lemongrass is a lemongrass scented CBD Hemp oil topical. Formulated with essential oils and 500 mg Broad Spectrum THC free Cannabidiol Hemp oil per twist up container. This has more than 6 years of personal research behind it. We have been dealing with our own chronic pain issues for many years and this is the end result of all those long nights of recipe research and formulating the right kinds of essential oils that would be beneficial to your health and also helpful in your overall well being.

This is wonderful for getting outdoors. It is formulated with essential oils that are naturally a bug deterrent such as Lemongrass, Rosemary and Eucalyptus. This helps keep the bugs away and helps with muscle fatigue and stiffness. It also smells so good!

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