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CBD as a Fruit Preservative

Written by Asia Mayfield

If you’ve talked to a fitness or wellness expert in the past few years, you’ve probably heard about cannabidiol, or CBD, the cannabis compound associated with many potential health benefits. But did you know that CBD’s benefits may extend to our food as well?

Researchers at the University of South Florida recently discovered that CBD may help fruit stay fresh for longer.[1] In their study, freshly harvested strawberries were slathered in CBD oil and examined after16 days of refrigerated storage. Compared to untreated strawberries, those treated with CBD oil were less affected by microbes like mold and yeast and retained a brighter color.

According to the team, “This research shows that CBD oil has the potential to be used by consumers at home as an effective antimicrobial treatment and to extend strawberry shelf life.”[1]

Therefore, CBD could represent a natural way to preserve fruit, and potentially other produce.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates food additives in the US. Currently, CBD is not an approved additive or supplment but the department has promised to reconsider its stance.

“The FDA’s approach to cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds has been consistent. We treat substances derived from cannabis just like we do any other substances…That said, some other relevant laws have changed, and so has the market,” the agency said in 2019.

“We recognize that there is substantial public interest in marketing and accessing CBD in food, including dietary supplements.”

The Florida researchers believe that with more research consumers may be able to use CBD in their kitchens without waiting for the FDA. You might be able to purchase to CBD oil made specifically for preserving fruit in the future.

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