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CBD Skin Cream and Sublingual Strips

Written by Ben Fitzsimmons

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s one of the major active compounds found in the cannabis plant. CBD is not psychotropic like tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. CBD is psychoactive and can make you feel more relaxed, feel less pain, and feel more comfortable. The legality of CBD products will vary from state to state and can depend on if the CBD comes from the cannabis plant or the hemp plant. It is always recommended to buy CBD products from reliable companies and to check the certificate of analysis in order to be sure about the actual cannabinoid content.


CBD Skin Cream

Even if more research is necessary before the medical benefits of CBD products (including skin creams) can be broadly claimed, evidence suggests about the positive impact that these products may induce to treat various health issues.

One of the properties of CBD is that it is anti-inflammatory, meaning it reduces inflammation. It is because of this property that CBD skin cream might be able to help with acne, psoriasis or eczema. [1] It can also help with other medical issues such as arthritis and peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage outside of the brain or spine).


CBD Sublingual Strips

CBD strips are small and discreet. You place them in your mouth under the thongue and they dissolve quickly. By dissolving in your mouth, the strips are able to use your sublingual artery to get the CBD into your bloodstream quickly so you can feel its effects faster. These strips can serve a variety of purposes from making your breath smell nice, to helping you sleep, or even giving you an energy boost.



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