Flavoring your own CBD Tinctures

Written by Lydia Kariuki

You might have found the perfect DIY recipe for making cannabidiol (CBD) tincture at home. But as you will soon discover, the taste of the liquid made by you can be more herbal than you can bear. Don’t you worry, it’s quite easy to flavor your own CBD tincture.


Use Honey

This is one of the simplest ways to go about flavoring your CBD tincture. Add a teaspoon of honey to about 100 ml of CBD tincture and shake. While this may mask the bitter taste, the honey-infused tincture may not be as tasty as you expect because the taste of hemp is very strong. Stevia, a natural sweetener plant, is another option to try.


Buy a natural organic flavor for CBD

When purchasing a CBD flavor you should try finding one that is natural and certified as food grade. Natural flavors usually have a plant or animal source while artificial flavors are made synthetically. A cold-pressed flavor is suggested in order to  ensure the retainement of all its properties. Once you have ordered your CBD flavor or terpenes blend the next step is to read and follow the instructions on how to mix it with your CBD tincture and how much. This may vary from one manufacturer to another.


Can you make your own CBD flavor extract at home?

While this is doable, it is not advised. Flavor extracts are usually made from steeping the substance such as vanilla pods in an alcoholic concentration, which then slowly pulls out the flavor from the substance. This process usually leaves behind bitter notes and waxes. But if you’re up to the challenge, here are a few other natural herbs and spices that you can use to flavor CBD: cinnamon, mint, cloves, thyme, Basil, marjoram, cilantro, etc.
In any case is always recommended to do a “tongue test” where you mix a little bit of the flavor with your CBD and taste it to see if you like it. In case you find that you don’t like the taste you will be able to spare the rest of your tincture.



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